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We are skilled specialists working together for our client's success. We take pride in the results of our work and stride to go beyond the expected deliverables. As proven by all our repeat business we exceed expectations by establishing client relationships based on teamwork and trust.


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Turtle Clan Environmental
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Dear Folks,

It is with pleasure that I am writing this letter recommending Turtle Clan. I have been a full-time Realtor for the past 10 years and have had very little experience with mold. So, when a recent inspector raised the mold question I did not have a clue where to turn. My client found a remediator on line and we had them come out. They were quick to say we had a mold problem and quote us a price for remediation before we even had test results back. This didnít sound right to me so I spent some time researching companies and found Turtle Clan. Leslieís knowledge and information was a wonderful resource and she was advised that all mold can be remediated and that this was not a major problem.

Matt came out and made an assessment of the home, took some swabs and in the process gave my client and I a quick course in mold and quickly put us at ease that we were in honest and capable hands.

We were able to get test results back from the lab (in fact, they arrived back quicker than the results of the first folks!); they were helpful in interpreting the lab results, including the tests from the previous folks. And best of all, since they are not remediators, they were not quick to quote us on a remediation before knowing what we were dealing with (like the first people did!).

I feel these folks are honest and knowledgeable. I cannot imagine what more I could ask for?

S. J. G.

Presidentís Circle Ė Top 3% Nationally


Turtle Clan saved me thousands and kept me from getting ripped off!!!
By BillSchallmo - October 25, 2009

My house looked like something out of New Orleans! Mold Everywhere!! That's why I didn't blink an eye when a remediator ran out of my house throwing himself on my lawn telling me to run for the hills that I was in danger and could die....and that it was going to be $150,000 thank you very much and he proceeded to praise Jesus!!!! I didn't know you need to test your mold BEFORE you clean it so you can know where and how to clean it...duh! It never occurred to me a lot of mold is invisible, so how would a cleanup crew know how to clean what they couldn't see?? Anyway, so I don't go on and on, I got my test results back from Turtle Clan who was also recommended to me by a friend who used them. Turns our my mold was non-toxic, smelly and easy to clean myself for around a hundred bucks! Turtle Clan Helped me from getting ripped off!


Turtle Clan is simply the BEST MOLD TESTING COMPANY!!!
By Jongustin - October 9, 2009

I had a serious mold issue in my attic; the smell from my attic was horrendous. I searched online for a mold removal company and found out mold had to be tested first before it could be cleaned. After calling around I found Turtle Clan and was really pleased by how knowledgeable they were. They gave me information I needed that kept me from hiring a remediation company that was going to charge me $35,000 before they even looked at my house! I never knew you had to test mold first!! I scheduled an appointment with them and Matt came out and yes he is a big Gentle Giant!! Love you Matt! He used infrared cameras and other moisture meters to find there was a leak in my roof which was the cause for the mold. They also showed me the extent of the mold that had already grown in my house. After the inspection about 3 days later I received a report with pictures and a process to remove the mold without any deconstruction. I scheduled a removal the next week with a company they recommended who was not affiliated with them since that's where all the conflicts of interest lie. I left my house for the weekend so I can get away from the mess and when I came home and went into the attic the terrible smell was gone. I scheduled a roofer to fix the breach. It's been a year since and I still haven't had an issue with the attic again. These guys know what they are doing, and I recommend them to anyone who has any sort of mold issue.


Turtle Clan are Mold experts!? And Nice People!
By Jessesgirl - September 27, 2009

There was a serious mold issue in my basement; there was a terrible smell of sewage coming from around the basement sewage drain. I called five companies before I chose TC. Leslie was the reason. She spent a lot of time with me, and I can see from the other reviews, this seems to be pretty consistent. She made me a' mold expert' with all the info she sunk into me so I felt I really got the bigger picture of what was going on. I definitely didn't feel like I was going to get taken advantage of anymore! I got as appointment in a day and Matt came out, he's Dr. Snows son. Really big bearded guy, a little intimidating at first, but such a nice fellow! Extremely professional, knowledgeable. Really nice folks over there. Got my samples back in 24 hours, but paid a little more for a rush which was ok since I was pretty concerned. I feel like I was in extremely good hands and trust them and recommend them.


Turtle Clan solved my allergy issues
By JoanneK - April 18, 2009

I recently began sneezing and coughing constantly. And I never got sick. I went to an allergist who said I needed to get my home tested , like a lot of the other people I see in these reviews. I called about 4 companies until I landed on Turtle Clan who were simply enchanting! So knowledgeable, so patient. I was able to get an appointment on the day I requested and opened the door to find a lovely gentleman by the name of Dr. Albert Snow on my doorstep who looked like a professor I had in college. Turns out he is a professor at McGuill University in Montreal! Anyway, he took some samples and got the results back to me in 3 days and told me there was nothing toxic in the house, but that the non-toxic species that was found can indeed result in allergic symptom I was suffering from. I had my home cleaned the way they told me to and I've been fine ever since! They are truly a wonderful company that seems to really care about their clients! I would definitely recommend them and am happy to give them my 5 star rating!


Professional Service
By JaneD - Jan 24, 2009

I just bought a new condo in the Financial District of Manhattan. I was suspicious of some water issues so the association called a mold company to have it checked out who said it was fine. But something inside me said it wasn't right, the condo is expensive and I've heard nightmare stories about mold . So I hit the internet and decided to call Turtle Clan for a second opinion upon recommendation of the CEO of my company. They did some clean testing for him about a year ago so I felt good and in trusted hands. I am GLAD that I did because they confirmed what others could not. Dr Snow found high levels of Aspergillus/Penicillum in the air in my soon to be bedroom and kitchen! He assured me it was not the end of the world and could be cleaned easily and recommended some other clean-up companies to check out. Like others have said before me, make sure you don't use a company that tests for mold AND cleans it up!!! I never knew this! I got a bid for the clean up and took it to the negotiating table. Thank goodness I listened to my little voice and called Turtle Clan.


Allergy Specialist
By Dwight1956 - Apr 4, 2008

I had allergies was really sick, my doctor said I might have a mold problem I called these guys they came down right away to do a test and had the lab results back in 2 days, went over everything with me line by line since I'm pretty dim when it comes to science and told me I only had low numbers of a non toxic kind of mold that didn't need to be professionally cleaned. That was good news. These are good guys. 5 out of 5 people found this review helpful.


I recommend Turtle Clan!! 5 Stars!!!
By katylady - Jan 7, 2008

I just bought a home in Greenwich, CT. When we moved in after about a week my family started complaining about respiratory problems, headaches etc.... When my children went to school the symptoms seemed to stop, when they'd come home, it would start all over again! So far that I've know my children had no allergies. Our family doctor recommended that I have our home tested. I did a Google search and was really impressed by what I found at Turtle Clan. They spent 45 minutes on the phone with me and answered all of my thousands of questions very patiently, I believe the woman's name was Lisa it might have been Leslie, it started with an L, but who ever she was, she was great! Really calmed me down and informed me! Dr. Snow came over the same day I called and was like a father figure, very extremely knowledgeable. I felt like I got a microbiology lesson! When the results came back, it was found to be a non toxic mold and was very easy to clean ourselves. I had a remediation company over who told me it would be $6,500 to clean it, I cleaned it for $100! Proof that testing mold first is the only way to go! 5 stars for Turtle Clan!


I suffered from Mold Sickness?
By KathleenHoward - Nov 24, 2007

I was breaking out with rashes and went to the hospital where the doctor told me it could be mold related, so I went online and found the Turtle clan. Dr. Snow came out and inspected my home and discovered that the air conditioning units were wet and filled with something he sampled that later turned out to be Stachybotris(?). I was freaked out but they managed to calm me down and referred me to a Dr. Santilli in B-Port who was able to help. I got the ducts cleaned by Duct Doctors who were also really good. Lot's of doctors! But I don't have any rashes any more!! YAY!


Turtle Clan is Excellent
By sarahD - Oct 25, 2007

I noticed my child was breaking out with rashes, had problems breathing and there was strange smell throughout my house. I was scared for my child and went to the hospital. The doctor told me it could be mold related, so did some research online. I stumbled upon the Turtle Clan site and saw their information about symptoms and saw that I had a lot of them in my house. I called them for an inspection and they were able to came the next day. They discovered that there was mold issues due to a broken pipe inside my water closet I never knew about. They used some kind of moisture meters and saw water all over the house!!! I then asked them if they could remove it by the end of the week. They told me it would be a huge conflict of interest if they cleaned it after they tested it and to look to the IICRC for contractors instead. . I thought it was going to cost and arm and a leg, but the test actually helped me save money since the remediators had to use it as a guide of where to clean and didn't just come in and take me down to studs. They came back to test after it was cleaned and everything was fine! Since then my child has been fine! Thanks Turtle Clan.


Turtle Clan had great customer service and patience
By Michelle - Oct 2, 2006

I was extremely concerned with the mold problems in growing in my home. I screamed and yelled at the poor hygienist who only tried to help me. They discovered the source of mold problem and provided several remediation companies separate from them for me to choose from. I think I was a real pain, but they were really patient with me and held my hand through the entire ordeal. Leslie and Matt were the best! I can truly say That Turtle Clan does a great job and give them 5 stars.


Turtle Clan Environment Testing inspected my home
By Lguinn - Aug 22, 2006

Shortly after I moved into my apartment I was having many health problems from a huge on going mold issue. I was ready to move out until I called Turtle Clan. Matt came out and inspected my apt and figured out the source in less than an hour and directed me in how to get it cleaned by a different company than theirs since it would be a conflict of interest to use the same company that tested, to clean it. I did not know this!! They were honest,excellent with being discreet and patient with all my questions.Now I am feeling so much better and the problem is gone. Since then I have not had any health problems and my home feels safe secure clean and healthy again.


Turtle Clan saved my life!
By Patricia.Nelson - Dec 29, 2009

I have lived in my house for about four years now. shortly after I moved in, I noticed what appeared to be mold growth in my basement that expanded to the walls of my kitchen on the main floor of my house. I didn't think much about it, cleaned it and went on with my life. Except that I started not feeling well. Everyone thought I was losing my mind, but I knew my headaches and coughing were the real deal. A friend actually recommended Turtle Clan saying how wonderful they were. I am writing this to tell you that they are THE BEST!! I feel like they saved my life!!! They found high counts of Aspergillus Penicillium all through my house that my home inspector seemed to 'miss'...I went to an allergist who found the same mold in my blood. I was scared to death!!! But after getting it all cleaned up and following Dr's orders, I am fine and healthy again, and I owe it all to Turtle Clan!?? 9 out of 9 people found this review helpful.


Mold Testers with no conflicts of interest
By James.Bachman - Dec 12, 2009

As a property manager, I have seen first hand the damage cause by water and all the mold that goes along with it. I have experienced many water damages in my apartment over the last couple of years and was struggling with the owners to do repairs. Finally I got the go ahead and called Turtle Clan who I had heard about through other property managers. I was told that Turtle Clan comes in and are 3rd party testers which is apparently important in that they have no vested interest in your mold. They don't perform remediation, so there's no conflict of interest. The results are unbiased, so it helps you feel like your in competent hands. The hygienist that came out was extremely knowledgeable and professional, prompt, stuff that matters to me. I was able to get a detailed report that gave me instructions on next steps. They were there for me from the beginning . Great work ethic. Highly recommend. Thanks Turtle Clan!


Thank god for Turtle Clan Environment Testing!
By NancyRN - Dec 1, 2009

I had a serious case of mold in my home. I was so scared to see this huge patch of mold behind my dryer. I went online and called the first company I saw, which was a huge mistake! They tested And cleaned and were talking about charging me thousands before they even stepped into my house! I called around a little more and when I reached Turtle Clan, I knew I had the right company. I'm a huge stickler for customer service and they were hands down the best of the group. I was able to get an appointment when I wanted one and was impressed with how knowledgeable the hygienist was since I have a medical background. I got my samples back in a couple days and found that it was non toxic and that I could clean it myself with some Murphy's soap! If I hadn't found Turtle Clan, I can only imagine how much money I would be out by all the rip offs out there!


My home smelled HORRIBLE and I was getting sick!!!
By motherof3 - Nov 11, 2009

I had a bad mold and mildew problem in my attic and basement both from leakage and from water damage due to having an old house that needed many repair.I didn't know what to do! The mold was apparently starting to spread more and more and making my home smell terrible. I also have children that were feeIing symptoms that were related and had me worried about their well being and health.So I asked around did research and found Turtle Clan Environment Testing. After speaking to a bunch of mold testing companies that only seemed to care about money, Leslie from Turtle Clan treated me like in the old days when companies really cared about you. Dr. snow came to my home to test the air for mold and actually taught me what was going on and showed me what to do and fix so it wouldn't come back. Fortunately for me I made the right choice by calling them because I no longer have any problems in my home. I would recommend this company to anyone with a mold problem.


My home was infested with mold...
By Jongustin - Nov 1, 2009

Turtle Clan mold specialist was so patient and serviced me with professionalism and quality work. They answered all my questions and resolved the problem very quickly. I was almost thinking about moving out of my home the issue was so bad .But now I no longer have a problem thanks


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