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Turtle Clan Asked For Guidance

Today we are facing many new environmental challenges. Energy suppliers and users must be newly creative in redefining our approaches and solutions in the whole industry. Higher energy prices, increased environmental awareness, tougher regulations, and intense global competition for products and services call for innovative solutions that turn your growing economic and environmental pressures into sources of competitive-advantage. For more than two decades, the world's leading energy providers and users, including utilities, product manufacturers, technology developers, and local, state, and national governments, have turned to TURTLE CLAN for guidance. Our comprehensive, integrative, objective approach examines and addresses the complete set of dynamics in the rapidly changing energy marketplace. This broad perspective coupled with a depth of expertise, enables us to devise tailored strategies that can position your organization for a more secure, profitable, and environmentally constructive future.

An Uncertain World Needs New Survival Methods

TURTLE CLAN's Energy & Resources Team (ERT) advises clients how to avoid capital and energy costs, manage risks, increase revenues by deploying new technologies, and respond to new market opportunities. Experts in the full spectrum of energy technology, markets, and policy, we show how to plan for profitability while making evolving environmental regulations burdensome only to your competitors.

TURTLE CLAN Has a Plan For Energy and Resources

We provide an integrated suite of solutions that fit within your current business structure. These services are analytical and practical, and include energy efficiency, demand response, and distributed energy strategies. We help our clients understand how distributed and renewable resources can provide quantifiable benefits to reduce financial risk, enhance electric grid economics, and decrease carbon emissions. We show clients how to optimize energy reliability through demand response, load management, and other methods that improve service quality and can dramatically cut electricity costs.

Our New Way For Greenhouse Gas Management

The business climate is changing as rapidly as the Earth’s climate. As the earth's temperature increases daily we are under pressure to solve problems rapidly. Industries are facing mandatory limits on emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (GHG), and companies must prepare for inevitable regulation and carbon market trading. Success requires new thinking and new capabilities.

At TURTLE CLAN, the best solutions for environmental problems come with economic advantages. We show our clients how the right approach to the emerging carbon market and emissions reduction strategies can be profitable and a competitive differentiator. The process we use for analysis, screening, and economic prioritization of reduction measures will lead systematically to financial strategies and implementation plans that will cost-effectively reduce GHG emissions. Our client-tailored portfolios focus first on implementing direct emissions reductions, including profitable efficiency improvements and alternative energy sources to help our clients further reduce both emissions and energy costs. We also recommend carbon-offset investments offering the best economic performance and risk, regulatory compliance and applicability to the Kyoto Protocol, verifiable environmental benefits, and positive social impacts.

A Bold New Voice Is Being Heard

TURTLE CLAN continuously strives to be instrumental in shaping the world's energy landscape by serving as an objective and influential voice in the electricity and fuels industries. Our thought leadership includes path-finding research on oil independence, renewable energy technologies, distributed energy, and resource planning. Our innovations have profoundly influenced the energy sector, helped corporations to change how they do business, and pushed governments to adopt key enabling policy reforms.

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Learn more about Turtle Clan Globals' Environmental Consulting division. Our Environmental Consulting team analyzes many aspects of a business to find innovative sustainable solutions for disaster response, indoor air quality, building science, reducing carbon footprints, and becoming more energy efficient and compliant.