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Our team of leaders, renowned authors, lectors and professors in the IAQ, environmental medicine, building science & engineering industries have decades of superior experience and expertise.

Occupational and Environmental Health Consulting Services
Director of Training and Technical Services

Responsible for designing and implementing English and bilingual industrial safety training programs covering emergency response, evacuation planning, hazardous chemical spill training, hearing conservation, ergonomics, mold investigation, remediation and post-remediation verification, respiratory protection, toxicology, hazard communication, blood borne pathogens, asbestos abatement, and others for safety seminars and employee training.

Clients include Wright College Environmental Technology Program, Moraine Valley Community College, the National Safety Council, Great Lakes Training Center and numerous private corporations.

Develops contingency plans, respiratory protection programs, and asbestos management plans for client companies. Performs mold investigations, sampling and mold remediation management, life safety surveys, asbestos and lead building inspections, and a wide variety of industrial hygiene monitoring for industrial chemicals and noise.

Co-authored three books on microbial and chemical safety. (more)

RES (Registered Environmental Scientist), President, OEHCS, INC.

Consultant to manufacturing, service industries and legal counsel on safety, industrial hygiene, mold investigation and remediation, emergency planning, flammable material storage and facility design, hazardous waste management and other OSHA and EPA regulatory issues.

Current client projects include mold investigations for numerous insurance companies and building owners, designing and oversight of mold remediation activities, safety standard development, lead and other heavy metal contamination investigations, community and occupational noise level assessment, indoor air quality/sick building syndrome investigations, and legal consultation.

This breadth and depth of safety and industrial hygiene consulting is based upon many years of implementing and managing corporate safety and sterilization programs. (more)

Telecommunications Executive

Steve Carney has more than thirty years of experience as a successful communicator, and trainer. The majority of his accomplishments result from work in the Telecommunications Industry.

During his career in Telecommunications he focused his attention on Health and Safety. He helped establish a network of committees both at the State and National level, which in turn were responsible for identifying, and changing trends, which were causing injuries in the workplace.

He was especially effective at getting the necessary funding and cooperation from employers to develop training programs that targeted correcting behavior to significantly reduce those injuries in the workplace. (more)

Protocol Advisor

Diversity and Native protocol advisor the USA network
NASA Grant 2005-2008
EETAP grant YR 2, YR3, and YR4
Native Waters Program Coordinator 2001-2005

The position of Native Waters Program Coordinator coordinates program concerning Native science and water science in the Missouri Basin with Native youth about the water of the basin.

NSF Grant Informal Education. The three main programs were: 1) Young Leaders Camps for Native youth in the summer. 2) Watershed Tours dealing with teaching teachers about local tribal water issues. And, 3) The Traveling Display of the Missouri River Basin. My job coordinates supplying students and teachers with tools for workshops and camps.

The Native Waters Program Coordinator did the buying, and distributing material for water science education. The program coordinator was instrumental in organizing the traveling display.

Self employed Native Artist.

Exxon Corporation USA 1974-1984, Process Operator and Pipe Fitter. (more)

President, IAQ Training Institute/Central City, PA.

Mr. Hughes is President of IAQ Training Institute, LLC (IAQTI). He is responsible for all aspects of course development, approval, instruction and management.

IAQTI teaches Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) Certified Mold Remediator, Microbial Consultant, Indoor Environmentalist and Mold Remediation Technician training courses. IAQTI also develops customized Indoor Environmental Quality training courses for a broad spectrum of consultants, contractors, facilities manager's building owners, government agencies and others.

IAQTI has trained employees from over 1,000 companies about indoor environmental quality and microbial assessment/remediation principles and practices. (more)

Chief Operating Officer, SOS Building Sciences

Mr. Hunt's responsibilities were to coordinate all field activities in North Carolina, Florida and Pennsylvania.

Coordinate all transportation activities to include: essential equipment, vehicles and personnel.

Developed budgets and cost analysis for each project, long term and short term.

Hire, train, and staff each office for multiple projects in each region.

Projects involved renovation, restoration, and microbial remediation of contaminated building materials to include HVAC systems and filtration. Maintain air quality assurance projects thru completion. And, implement operations and maintenance activities. (more)

RES (Registered Environmental Scientist)

For the past 28 years, Mr. Kapus has been performing Asbestos, Lead, Indoor Air Quality, Mold, Soil, Groundwater, Underground Storage Tank, Heavy Metals, Gases, Vapors, and other related environmental consulting, investigation and testing.

Mr. Kapus provides consulting to major corporations, hospitals, schools, government agencies at both the local and state level, as well as residential clients.

His involvement in the environmental field has been and remains diverse with projects ranging in both complexity and scope. This field experience provides him with the needed understanding and perspective as to what testing protocols to follow, what samples to collect and how to interpret the results and meet the objective of the project, small or large.

His background and knowledge of environmental science, engineering, thermography, and building science enables him to fully understand the problems that exist outside and within buildings.

Mr. Kapus is an approved instructor for EPA Lead-Based Paint Inspector and Risk Assessor courses; NYS DOL Asbestos Inspector and Project Designer courses as well as being an instructor for other environmentally related instruction, guidance and awareness courses. (more)


Dr. Richard Lynch is a Certified Industrial Hygienist, with over 25 years of industrial, commercial, health care, school and residential evaluation experience.

He holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Hygiene and a Ph.D. in Public Health. He has published numerous peer reviewed scientific journal articles, and is a noted workplace safety expert and public speaker.

He serves on numerous scientific and governmental advisory boards and is also a Council-Certified Microbial Consultant and Council-Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor.

Founder and CEO Innovative Arc Tubes Corporation

Mr. Vijay Mehan, previously led the technological, engineering and manufacturing efforts at Voltarc. He has particularly strong technical knowledge not only of how to make lamps, but how they are used and has worked with clients like you in solving numerous applications problems, in addition to designing thousands of lamps over his career.

Innovative Arc Tubes Corporation is majority owned by Innovative Technologies Corporation, a prime engineering contractor to the US Air Force for over 15 years. ITC has funded our pre-operational development effort and acquisition of our building and all production and laboratory equipment; consequently we embark as a company free of onerous bank debt.

We have made this significant, upfront investment due to our confidence and strong belief that progressive customers like you, will quickly recognize and accept our products. (more)


Dr. Snow is a member of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society and Canadian Aboriginal Science and Engineering Association.

He has consulted for The Discovery Museum, Bureau of Indian Affairs and others. A few of his articles have been published in Journal of Chemical Education, The American Biology Teacher, Journal of American Indian Education, The Science Teacher, and others.

Some of Dr. Snow's lectures included the Association of Science and Technology Centers, ASTC Teacher/Educator Conference, NSTA Annual Convention and American Institute of Chemists. (more)


Dr. Weyel is a Certified Industrial Hygienist with a doctorate in Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health.

He has over 35 years of experience conducting Indoor Air Quality, health & safety and industrial hygiene issues.

He is a semi-retired Professor from the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Public Health and continues to provide consulting and expert witness testimony for building owners and others.

Environmental Inspection Expert

Stanley is a graduate of the College of William and Mary with a BBA and a strong background in science and biology.

He has continued his education with certifications from the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industries, Exterior Design Institute, Moisture Warranty Corporation, Building Specs, Inc., Indoor Environmental Standards Organization, American Indoor Air Quality Council and specialized training for EIFS Review Committee protocol testing and reporting, as well as attendance to many educational conferences and workshops.

Stanley entered into the home inspection industry in 1998 after twenty years of working in the building and construction industry and real estate.

Within the first year of entering into the home inspection business, Stanley won a contract to perform the Exterior Insulated and Finish Systems (EIFS) inspections for Pulte Home Corporation, the largest homebuilder in the nation, in their Northern Virginia and Maryland communities. Upon completion of the EIFS inspections, Pulte hired Stanley to participate in the development of scope of work for repairs and training for the contractors as well as inspections and testing during the repair process. (more)

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