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Nano Technology with TiO2

Titanium Dioxide has been used for over 50 years in many commercial applications such as cosmetics, toothpaste, icings for cakes, paints and more. This scientific breakthrough of suspending nano sized crystallized titanium dioxide particles in our proprietary SOL to create a photo catalytic colloidal coating, has made the application of TiO2 commercially viable for all types of surfaces, both natural and artificial.

Our products are all based on nano particle aqueous titanium dioxide (TiO2) solutions. Turtle Clan offers a variety of TiO2 products, sprays and several non ozone producing Germicidal Air Purifying products.

Air Scrubbers:

Our leave behind units utilize our proprietary Photocatalytic Nano Technology and germicidal light for a unit that outperforms anything on the market today and does NOT create Ozone. Our machines are being medically prescribed and will eliminate all air pathogens, mold, volatile organic compounds, bacteria, virus, MRSA, SARS, E-COLI, Bio Hazards, Anthrax, Odors such as pet urine and cigarette smoke.

Air Filtration:

Our filtration systems are installed in HVAC systems all over the world and outperform HEPA and any other filter on the market. Our new “Dynamic V8” was designed to meet the rigorous LEED requirements as set forth by the U.S. Green Building council without making it cost prohibitive to “Go Green.” It is made from recyclable materials and since the V8 holds many times the dust load of passive filters, media change-out are far less frequent, which further reduces waste. There is no one size fits all approach to air quality. Turtle Clan provides customized solutions to indoor air quality problems, while reducing energy and operational costs.

Where can this be beneficial?

Any Building:

  • Considering the use of high efficiency passive filters
  • With a high density of people
  • Considering carbon or potassium permanganate filters
  • With odors or particulates coming in from the outside through fresh air intake
  • With clean room applications; manufacturing or pharmaceuticals
  • Where smoke is permitted
  • With high concentrations of particulates such as welding operations
  • Where employee health and well being is important

Casino operators were some of the first to be able to put a price tag on indoor air quality by realizing the impact IAQ has on customer traffic. As a result, you’ll find more of our air cleaners around the world in many types of whole house and existing HVAC systems, gaming environments including casinos, riverboats and racetracks, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, educational, commercial, municipal, military and governmental buildings as well as mass transit such as airports, subways, buses, trains.

Our filtration systems remove dangerous airborne particulates that other cleaning systems miss including odors, Volatile Organic Compounds, cigarette smoke, bacteria, allergens, fine dust, molds, and pollen…without producing any harmful ozone.

Indoor air quality should be a part of every casino and hotel, new buildings, nursing homes, assisted care facilities, medical, hospital, hospitality, lodging, bars, restaurants, airports, performance contracting, industrial, food processing, transportation, sports facility, Government and office buildings. Turtle Clan has customized air quality solutions and products that have proven again and again to be the most effective.

Smoke Stack Inserts

Our proprietary technology effectively eliminates all volatile organic compounds and pollution from smoke stacks, thus significantly reducing acid rain.

Learn about our proprietary TiO2 application process.

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